Heirarchy of Builders

In the club, we reward your involvement and expertise in your domain with giving you points and levelling you up in the system.

Each level has its perks and advantages

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Builder Levels



Students who want to learn from the club. Since this is a community for builders who are already building something, they are mostly in the club to gain knowledge from the community. 

We restrict access to a few parts of the club to Rookies till they verify that they are building something.



This is the default tag you get once you have verified your identity to the club. We do the verification via LinkedIn URL.

Verified builders get complete access to the club, and are also eligible for earning points and levelling up to Experts and above.



Testers are builders who have taken upon themselves to provide quality feedback to club members on any MVP or prototype on which feedback has been asked for.




  • Get access to unreleased products and get to test them out

  • Each time they provide feedback, they get points which gets added to their total points for the monthly TBC Leaderboard.

  • Quality feedback can help them level up to Experts



Experts are builders who proactively help others when someone asks for help or seeks advice. They provide quality feedback basis their knowledge and expertise.



  • Get points everytime they help anyone

  • shows available exclusively for experts and above

  • Perks and discounts (explained later)


How to become an expert:

  • TBC team's discretion.

  • Participate in the club with useful information, and help others. Making more points will help you in getting more visibility and increase your chnces in becoming an expert.



Mentors are builders who are experts with a validated experience in their domains.


They have taken atleast one workshop or been a part of one of our shows. Past WC guests would be a aprt of the mentors list.



Can charge for one on one consultancy

Free Access to Brainiac sessions


How to become a mentor:

TBC team discretion. No applications.



Participate in a weekly live brainstorming session where they start with an idea from scratch, come up with a business model, create an MVP, test it out in the market and even get a chance to pitch it to investors.


Who should be a part:

  • if you just like building things and want to work on idea which will discrupt a certain industry

  • If you have an idea that you have been toying with

  • If you are a team who are in the initial stage, and are stuck in how to take the business forward

  • If you are looking for a cofounder and want to test out working compatibility with others to find the right team


This is a paid Tier. You need to become a patreon member to access this level.