TBC Points

The Builders Club rewards you with points for your involvement in the club.  The rewards are geared towards making sure that the people who help others or the club, gains from his efforts.

Each month, the top 3 builders with maximum points get exclusive TBC merchandise.

The leaderboard of the points will be updated everyday in the announcement page.

Referring People (1 point)

You create your own unique link of the club, and share it with your network.

For each person you invite, you get 1 point.

Inviting people is disabled for students.

Test a product (4 points)

Each time you test a product and give feedback on the MVP / Prototype, you get 4 points.

You need to be a tester to get these points.

Helping others (2 points)

Whenever you help any other builder in the club with either a quality feedback, answer to a question, or share insightful articles in the club, TBC team will give a special emoticon to you. Each Emoticon is 2 points.

Share TBC content on Social Media

(5 points)

Each time you talk about us on Social Media, or reshare our content with a #thebuildersclub, you get 5 points.