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In the Builders Club, this week started off with a discussion on trending topics such as Cred fundraising in Series C, Nazara IPO, Gumroad crowdsourcing funds, and a lot more. Continuing with the fintech series we had Tanishq Ambegaokar - Co-Founder and CEO at Skyber and Dhanda, talking about building B2B Fintech SaaS

Highlights of the week:-

New Members:-

A few notable mentions who joined this week are:

Shruti Rathi: Founder @Clenzy

Mallik: Startup generalist & CEO @MenuBubble

Prassana Venkatesh: Builder

Lenli: Builder @Omniquotient

Discussion of the week:-
  • Gumroad, a startup that helps creators sell their work, after raising $1 million via the VC route, and remaining with the help of crowdfunding!!

  • Kunal Shah’s fintech startup Cred now becomes India’s latest unicorn as its evaluation reaches $2billion on raising funds of near about $200 million. Cred targets India’s 1% of the population by offering them rewards on credit card bill payment via their app.

  • Nazara Technologies - a leading India-based diversified gaming and sports media platform backed by ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has opened up for a subscription. Nazara has myriad IPs under their belt- Kiddopia in gamified early learning, Nodwin & Sportskeeda in eSports, WCC & CarromClash in simulation games, and Halaplay Technologies in real money games and telco subscription forms.

  • The Builders Club had Tanishq Ambegaokar as our guest this week providing valuable insights on going 0-1 in B2B business through his journey of building Dhanda and Skyber.

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