TBC Podcast #10: Sumith Pala -Art of Networking

This week we discussed the Art of Networking with Sumith Pala - Founder and CEO of KickstartX, redefines the professional lifestyle by driving the young passion towards the right vision with a direction. He is Chief Dad at Backbenchers. He was also Ex-president Confederation of Indian Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME). He was also one of the “20 under 20 Entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur India in 2019.

You can listen to the complete podcast here.

Summarizing the discussion:-
  • Networking is all about building relationships and striking the right conversations.

  • Nowadays, digital identity has become the social identity which makes increases the importance of networking even more.

  • To manage multiple startups in different domains, one should have the vision, right team, and support of the mentors in the right direction.

  • To increase the scalability of the startup, ask for feedback from the people who are your competitors.

  • Hang out with people who are older than you and have experience ( of failure) in a particular domain in which your startup falls that will help you to have a competitive advantage.

  • When you want to enjoy success, one should understand the depth of failure first to have a reality check.

Mindset will tap the opportunities out of your talent.

You can listen to the complete podcast here.

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