TBC Podcasts #8: Pratham Kaudap - Growth of Incubation as an industry

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

This week , in The Builders Club, there was a discussion on Growth of Incubation as an industry in and post-pandemic scenarios with Pratham Kaudap- who is the Founder of ENTREESPHERE, An Incubator re-conceptualizing entrepreneurship through experiential learning for those with creative and innovative ideas to transform their passion into reality (http://www.entreesphere.com/). Entreesphere has partnered with T-HUB, One of the world’s largest tech startup hubs to grow the startup ecosystem in India. Previously, he started and headed two startups, Wissenarie and Tech Amaush.

You can listen to the complete podcast here.

Summarizing the discussion:-
  • Validating the idea first and defining a problem statement is more important rather than building a prototype.

  • Always think of ways in which the idea is going to help the end-user to solve his/her problem. This is going to help you to build and define premium features.

  • To face the failures in a startup, one should not emotionally get attached to the idea instead be connected to it every time.

  • There is no clear demarcation as to what is important - the quality of the idea or whether the design is quantifiable enough to scale for incubation of any startup as long as the idea gets its due.

You can listen to the complete podcast here.

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