TBC Townhall #1: Ankur Warikoo: Build it with Warikoo

Hello Everyone,

We had our first town hall with one of the most prominent internet personalities Mr. Ankur Warikoo. He is an entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor, and public speaker, and now a content creator as well. He founded nearbuy.com in 2015 and was the CEO until 2019. Prior to that, he started the Groupon India business in 2011 and was the APAC GM, until 2015. He is an active angel investor and invests in early-stage tech startups and mentors the founders on Product-Market-Fit, Talent hiring & retention, and the founder mindset.

You can listen to the complete podcast here.

Summarizing the discussion:-
  • If we can make choices in life from a point of awareness after exploring all the other choices, then that choice is a meaningful one.

  • How objectively you see the world and try to solve the problems of the users makes the startup an affluent one.

  • Earlier circle of influence was limited as to now, that has made this generation show up more in such a way that they are being liked by someone unknown.

  • Make no mistake of committing to certain things way too early in life, don’t settle but explore and then evaluate it at the point of making a decision.

  • The vision to build a sustainable business, in the long run, is to start as a single unit and then gradually build over it to make a successful one.

  • Skills one should look for in a Co-founder are core skills, someone having different perspectives, and values same as yours.

Actively seek out people who are nothing like you and look at the world more objectively instead of being in your classic echo chamber.

You can listen to the complete podcast here.

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