TBC WC #Fintech - Tanishq Ambegaokar: How to build a B2B Fintech business?

Hello Everyone,

March is going to be out and out FinTech for watercooler conversations - an interactive voice chat we have as a community about a topic with an industry expert. The Builders Club has an exciting lineup of guests sharing their experiences in building and scaling fintech startups. This week we will discuss Fintech in B2B space with our guest Tanishq Ambegaokar.

Tanishq is Co-Founder and CEO at Skyber and Dhanda, Skyber aims to fuel the future of businesses and if you own/run any business, irrespective of the size, industry, or stature whereas Dhanda is Bharat ka business app, Powered on Skyber. He also mentors a few startups for the sheer love of helping people and building something sustainable. He makes it a point to talk to one person who is either a small business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, an interesting stranger, or an early adopter of Skyber every day.

Feel free to join in the interactive discussion this Saturday, March 20th, 10:30 PM IST (12 PM EST)

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