TBC Week #10: It was all about Student Startups this week

Hello Guys,

This week we had a Mentor connect for Student Founders and Startup Aspirants wherein anyone can pitch their ideas to the panel and gain insights for the same. The panel consisted of Sanket Jha - Co-Founder, Rubex Abhimanyu Kucheria - Assoc. Product Owner, Snapwiz. Rubina Aman - HR, Taco Bell, India. Also this week we had a watercooler conversation on the topic Student Startups: Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges with Ankur Jain: Founder of Hostel Fund, a Startup Fund for Students by Students powered by investors and industry experts (www.hostel.fund). He is also a VC at SenseAI Ventures, India’s leading VC fund backing AI startups, a member of the National Startup Council of India (CII). Apart from all of these, he is an advisor at multiple startups and a mentor @ Founders Institute.

To catch up on what was discussed you can listen to the podcast here:-

Highlights of the week

New Members:-

People who joined in this week are :

Mohammad Siraj : Founder of SPADit

Abdul Khadeer: Founder and CEO of Platonexa Innovations Private Limited And Oxynyc Innovations Private Limited


Dhruv: Financial Consultant at Big 3

Sukesh: Founder of CHEF@HOME

Discussion of the week:-

On interacting with the mentors, it can be deduced that before starting any startup one needs to first validate the idea by interacting with the consumers and then find out what value can the product can provide to them. Also one should keep in mind that building a startup is a marathon, not a sprint. One needs to have a conviction in the idea and vision to keep going. Start selling the idea before building it!!

To catch up more on this one can listen to the podcast here:

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