The Builder's Club Podcasts #5: Kaustubh Dhargalkar- Design Thinking

Hello Guys,

This week we had an interesting discussion on Design Thinking with Mr. Kaustubh Dahargalkar. Kaustubh is a Design Thinking Coach and the author of ‘It’s Logical: Innovating Profitable Business Models’

He is a visiting faculty @ IIT-Bombay, IIM-Sirmaur, ICT-Mumbai, NMIMS, WeSchool. Apart from that, he mentors at various startup incubators, is active on various startup forums s.a. ET-Power of Ideas, WF Global, etc.

You can listen to the complete podcast here

Summarizing the discussion:

  • Design thinking is the fundamental approach to problem-solving for any industry. The process of design thinking involves empathy with the user(problems and satisfying curiosity), giving a proper definition to the problem, ideating and brainstorming over the definition, building a prototype over it, and testing it with the customer base to define features for the product and its scalability.

  • The best example of this is Google which captures user’s idiosyncrasy using their search engine in building their products. ( the examples are:- user directions- google maps, uploading videos – YouTube, managing photos – google photos) .

  • Well for UI vs UX, as to what comes first and its significance, after the discussion we have the clear winner i.e. UX- user journey needs to be collaborated first, then interface prototyping comes into the picture.

  • To accommodate the changing customer behavior, one needs to be agile in the development process of the product and if possible keep a small group of customers in confidence who are willing to provide insights and create value for the product.

  • To find out the customer base and carry out research for a given problem statement, there should be direct interaction with the customers so as to find out what are the parameters they look for in the product, and then one can gather data to apprehend the key features for the product.

  • Primers to be kept in mind before entering in Produce space – Design Thinking, Product creation, requirement gathering, focus on user research, people’s management, OKR( Objective and Key Results) framework. “Innovation is about understanding the user”.

You can listen to the complete podcast here