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Aakash Agarwal

Lead Data Scientist at Mastercard

I am Aakash. Currently working in Mastercard as Lead Data Scientist and solving fintech problems with the help of AI & ML. I have few patents and papers in the ML domain to solve problems from different domain like Fintech and Telecom. I like to understand the problem in depth and then develop the relevant product to solve the problem. I have keen interest towards fintech and have good knowledge on fintech products in the current ecosystem. I am open minded about working on different problems

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1. Given the Mastercard background, I have good knowledge in fintech domain and have good connections in this domain to understand the business and build relevant products
2. Strong technical skills in ML domain to develop models for variety of problems. Have filled 5 patents and 3 papers in the last 2 years
3. Have good understanding on the fintech data for credit underwriting, cardholder/merchant data sources, etc

Aakash Agarwal